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Ideal Client Profile

Due to the special way I work with people, I prefer to work with clients who match a unique character profile. To help you determine if I might be right for you, I’ve outlined my ideal client profile below.

I focus on working with people who:

  • Enjoy open, honest, genuine personal relationships and making a difference in other people’s lives
  • Have a positive attitude about life, look for the best in people, and have a strong desire to grow spiritually, personally or professionally
  • Are committed to implementing a written financial strategy in order to pursue important goals in life
  • Want the freedom and simplicity of having all of their assets under the vigilant eye of one trusted financial advisor
  • Are financial “delegators” who seek, respect and follow professional advice
  • Take action based on disciplined financial investment strategies instead of reacting to financial propaganda, conflicting opinions and events outside of their control

If you feel you match this profile then I invite you to inquire about a no cost, no obligation meeting to explore the potential value of working together.